CVE Library

# Date Issued Title Type Author
11 31-03-2014 Countering terrorism and violent extremism in pakistan Article Allison, Peters
12 03-04-2020 Rehabilitating the terrorists?: challenges in assessing the effectiveness of de-radicalization programs Article Horgan, John, Braddock, Kurt
13 03-04-2020 The ‘war on terror’ and extremism: assessing the relevance of the women, peace and security agenda Article FIONNUALA, NÍ AOLÁIN
14 03-04-2020 Rethinking the battle of ideas: How the United States can help muslim moderates Article Krebs, Ronald R.
15 01-09-2016 Guidelines and good practices: developing national P/VCE strategies and action plans Article Hedayah, Hedayah
16 06-10-2015 Women in Pakistan: countering conflicts and building peace Article Zille Z., Naqvi, Samina, Riaz
17 03-04-2020 Kokoda trilogy proceedings: Towards an effective strategy for countering islamist terror Article Kokoda, Foundation
18 03-04-2020 Women’s participation in peace negotiations Article Doris, Mpoumou
19 01-01-2015 Empowering Pakistan’s civil society to counter global violent extremism Article Hedieh, Mirahmadi, Waleed, Ziad, Mehreen, Farooq, Robert D., Lamb
20 01-05-2015 Countering violent extremism and promoting community resilience in the Greater Horn of Africa Article Center on Cooperative Security, Global