CVE Library

# Date Issued Title Type Author
41 03-04-2020 One to one online interventions Article Frenett, Ross, Moli, Dow
42 03-04-2020 Increasing self-esteem and empathy to prevent violent radicalisation: a longitudinal quantitative evaluation of a resilience training focused on adolescents with a dual identity Article R. Feddes, Allard, Mann, Liesbeth, Doosje, Bertjan
43 01-01-2012 De-radicalising Islamists: Programmes and their impact in muslim majority states Article El-Said, Hamed
44 01-10-2014 Good practices on women and countering violent extremism Article Global, Counterterrosim Forum
45 01-03-2017 How does work feature in literature on youth participation in violence? Article Dowd, Caitriona
46 03-04-2020 A human security strategy for the European union in the Horn of Africa Article de Waal, Alex, Rachel, Ibreck
47 01-01-2014 Women and countering violent extremism Article Dufour-Genneson, Ségolène, Alam, Mayesha
48 01-03-2010 Preventing support for violent extremism through community interventions: A Review of the evidence Article De Montfort, University
49 03-04-2020 Prisons and the education of terrorists Article M. Cuthbertson, Ian
50 03-04-2020 Exploring the roles of women in countering terrorism and violent extremism Article Chowdhury Fink, Naureen, Zeiger, Sara, Bhulai, Rafia