CVE Library

# Date Issued Title Type Author
51 03-04-2020 Talking about terror: Counter terrorist campaigns and the logic of representation Article Chowdhury, Arjun, Krebs, Ronald R.
52 30-03-2010 Preventing violent extremism Article of Commons, House of Commons
53 01-07-2014 A gendered approach to countering violent extremism Article Couture, Krista London
54 03-04-2020 Development and pilot test of the RAND program evaluation toolkit for countering violent extremism Beaghley, Sina, C. Helmus, Todd, Matthews, Miriam, Rajeev, Ramchand, David, Stebbins, Amanda, Kadlec, A. Brown, Michael
55 01-07-2014 A gendered approach to countering violent extremism Article London Couture, krista
56 01-07-2008 Combating extremism: a brief overview of Saudi Arabia's approach Article Ansary, Abdullah F
57 03-04-2020 Identifying and changing the normative beliefs about aggression which lead young muslim adults to join extremist anti-semitic groups in Pakistan Article Naumana, Amjad, Alex M., Wood
58 19-12-2008 Counter-terrorism from within assessing Saudi Arabia’s religious rehabilitation and disengagement programme Article Boucek, Christopher
59 03-04-2020 Preventing conflict transforming justice securing the peace Article Ki-moon, Ban
60 01-09-2016 Civic approaches to confronting violent extremism Article Barzegar, Abbas Powers, Shawn Karhili, Nagham El