Education And Employment

# Date Issued Title Type Author
1 05-09-2018 cve hub launch presentation Presentation
2 09-11-2017 Mombasa County CVE Strategy - 22 March 2017 Article Mombasa, County Government
3 23-02-2017 Kwale County CVE Strategy - February 2017 Article Kwale, County Government
4 22-03-2017 Lamu County CVE Strategy - March 2017 Article Lamu, County Government
5 14-04-2016 Kenyan National Strategy to Counter Violent Extremism - 2016 Article Kenya, National Government
6 01-01-1970 Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) and Education and Employment Presentation CHRIPS, IDS
7 13-11-2018 A handbook on reporting terrorism Article International, Media Support (IMS), Media, Council of Kenya
8 13-11-2018 Rooted in poverty?: terrorism, poor economic development, and social cleavages Article A. Piazza, James
9 01-08-2012 Engaging civil society in countering violent extremism: experiences with the UN global counter-terrorism strategy Article van Ginkel, Dr. Bibi
10 01-09-2011 The development response to violent extremism and insurgency Article Policy, USAID