Education And Employment

# Date Issued Title Type Author
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15 07-04-2020 A teacher's guide on the prevention of violent extremism Article Choi, Soo-Hyang
16 07-04-2020 Preventing violent extremism in Kenya through value complexity: assessment of being Kenyan being muslim Article Savage, Sara, Khan, Anjum, Jose Liht, Dr.
17 07-04-2020 Countering violent extremism: program and policy approaches to youth through education, families and communities Article Veenkamp, Ivo, Zeiger, Sara
18 07-04-2020 How to prevent extremism and policy options Article Blears, Hazel
19 07-04-2020 Youth & consequences: unemployment, injustice and violence Article Corps, Mercy
20 07-04-2020 Failed and friendless: the UK's 'preventing violent extremism' programme Article Paul, Thomas