Faith Based Approaches

# Date Issued Title Type Author
11 07-04-2020 Preventing violent extremism through value complexity: Being muslim being British Article Liht, Jose, Savage, Sara
12 01-01-2009 A holistic critique of Singapore’s counter-ideological program Article Ramakrishna, Kumar
13 07-04-2020 The states & anti-terrorism dialogue & resistance Article Sidel, Mark
14 01-09-2011 Securing identities, resisting terror: Muslim youth work in the UK and its implications for security Article Mcdonald, Laura Zahra
15 07-04-2020 Mapping muslims: NYPD spying and its impact on America muslims Article Shamas, Diala, Arastu, Nermeen
16 23-10-2009 A missing peace? The role of religious actors in countering Terrorism Article Halafoff & David, Anna, Neville, David Wright
17 01-01-2012 De-radicalising Islamists: Programmes and their impact in muslim majority states Article El-Said, Hamed
18 07-04-2020 Kokoda trilogy proceedings: Towards an effective strategy for countering islamist terror Article Kokoda, Foundation
19 07-04-2020 Talking about terror: Counter terrorist campaigns and the logic of representation Article Chowdhury, Arjun, Krebs, Ronald R.
20 01-07-2010 Countering violent extremist narratives Article Kessels, Eelco J.A.M.