Faith Based Approaches

# Date Issued Title Type Author
21 07-04-2020 Madrassa education in Pakistan and Bangladesh Article Ahmad, Mumtaz
22 01-09-2016 Civic approaches to confronting violent extremism Article Barzegar, Abbas Powers, Shawn Karhili, Nagham El
23 07-04-2020 De-radicalising prisoners in Nigeria: developing a basic prison based de-radicalisation programme Article Barkindo, Atta Bryans,Shane
24 01-02-2009 Education and madrassahs in South Africa: on preventing the possibility of extremism Article Waghid, Yusef
25 01-05-2010 Why youth join al-Qaeda Article ”Matt” Venhaus, Colonel John M.
26 07-04-2020 “Good” and “bad” muslim citizens: Feminists, terrorists, and U.S. orientalisms Article Maira, Sunaina
27 07-04-2020 One to one online interventions Article Frenett, Ross, Moli, Dow
28 01-03-2016 Violent extremism in Africa: Preventing violent extremism through promoting inclusive development, tolerance and respect for diversity preventing Article UNDP
29 07-04-2020 Taming the imams: European governments and islamic preachers since 9/11 Article Haddad, Yvonne Yazbeck, Balz, Michael J
30 01-03-2011 Countering violent extremism (CVE) literature review Article Eddine, Minerva Nasser, Garnham, Bridget, Agostino, Katerina, Caluya, Gilbert