# Date Issued Title Type Author
11 26-06-2017 Engaging Women in Preventing and Countering Extremist Violence in Kenya Article Abdilatif, Mohammed
12 05-12-2016 Different cities, shared stories Article Emily, Winterbotham, Elizabeth, Pearson
13 31-03-2014 Countering terrorism and violent extremism in pakistan Article Allison, Peters
14 07-04-2020 Stopping people becoming or supporting terrorists and violent extremists Article Hazel, Blears, Jacqui, Smith, Ed, Ed Balls
15 07-04-2020 Countering violent extremism and risk reduction Article James, Khalil, Martine, Zeuthen
16 01-09-2013 Countering violent extremism: a peacebuilding perspective Article Georgia, Holmer
17 01-01-2014 Women and countering violent extremism Article Dufour-Genneson, Ségolène, Alam, Mayesha
18 01-07-2014 A gendered approach to countering violent extremism Article London Couture, krista
19 07-04-2020 The ‘war on terror’ and extremism: assessing the relevance of the women, peace and security agenda Article FIONNUALA, NÍ AOLÁIN
20 22-03-2017 gender, development and fundamentalisms Article Caroline, Sweetman