# Date Issued Title Type Author
31 07-04-2020 Women’s participation in peace negotiations Article Doris, Mpoumou
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33 06-10-2015 Women in Pakistan: countering conflicts and building peace Article Zille Z., Naqvi, Samina, Riaz
34 01-10-2015 Why women? Inclusive Security and peaceful societies Article Marie, O’reilly
35 12-03-2015 US aproaches to countering violent extremism must prioritize women Article Michelle, Barsa
36 01-06-2015 Reimagining peacemaking: women’s roles in peace processes Article Marie, O’reilly, ANDREA Ó, SÚILLEABHÁIN,
37 01-01-2015 Empowering Pakistan’s civil society to counter global violent extremism Article Hedieh, Mirahmadi, Waleed, Ziad, Mehreen, Farooq, Robert D., Lamb
38 04-12-2007 Afghan women in the peace process Article Collett, Pamela
39 01-12-2015 Crisis in SYRIA: now is the time to seek male allies for leadership equality Article Jessica, Huber
40 06-05-2016 Countering terrorism: the transformative potential of gender equality lawmaking and policy reform Article Rangita, de Silva de Alwis