Human Rights and Justice

# Date Issued Title Type Author
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14 12-06-2017 Our responsibility to respect the rights of others: legality and humanity Article Harvey, Colin
15 01-07-2011 Getting away with torture The Bush administration and mistreatment of detainees. Article Human rights watch
16 12-06-2017 Access to justice, impunity and legal pluralism in Kenya Article Helbling, Jürg, Kälin, Walter, Nobirabo, Prosper
17 07-04-2020 Rendering difference visible: the Kenyan state and its Somali citizens. Article Lochery, Emma
18 07-04-2020 United Nations ‘‘Policy’’: An argument with three illustrations Article Thakur, Ramesh, Weiss, Thomas G.
19 07-04-2020 Review of programs to counter narratives of violent extremism Article Briggs, Rachel, Feve, Sebastien
20 01-10-2008 Friend not foe: Civil society and the struggle against violent extremism Article Cortright, David, Lopez, George A, Millar, Alistair, Stellingwerf, Linda Gerber