Security And Policy

# Date Issued Title Type Author
11 07-04-2020 Confronting Violent Extremism in Kenya: Debates, Ideas and Challenges Presentation Ruteere, Mutuma, Mutahi, Patrick
12 01-11-2008 Islamist de-radicalization in Algeria: successes and failures Article Ashour, Omar
13 07-04-2020 Kenya at war: Al-shabaab and its enemies in eastern Africa Article M. Anderson, David, McKnight, Jacob
14 08-07-2004 Protocol to the OAU convention on the prevention and combating of terrorism Article Union, African
15 07-04-2020 Dangerously disproportionate: the ever-expanding national security state in Europe Article International, Amnesty
16 07-04-2020 Conflict prevention: old wine in new bottles? Article Aggestam, Karin
17 01-05-2004 Strategic plan of the commission of the African Union Article Union, African
18 07-04-2020 Between Maitatsine and Boko Haram: Islamic fundamentalism and the response of the Nigerian State Article O. Adesoji, Abimbola
19 07-04-2020 Counterterrorism since 9/11: evaluating the efficacy of controversial tactics Article Adams, Nick, Nordhaus, Ted, Shellenberger, Michael
20 07-04-2020 Protocol relating to the establishment of the peace and security council of the African Union Article Union, African