This database contains profiles of organizations that work on CVE issues. The database aims to facilitate connections between different stakeholders and organizations to share knowledge, technical expertise and to collaborate in advocacy efforts and joint programming on CVE research. Through networking, relationship-building, mapping of activities, sharing of resources, and exchanging success stories, greater awareness and coordination among diverse stakeholders will directly impact on the quality and coherence of CVE activities in a way that will support improved outcomes in this sector. See networks below.

Organizations & Location

Organization Name Type of Organization Location About Organization Website
Africa Talent and Change Foundation NGO Garissa Africa Talent and Change Foundation is a registered international Ngo. The organization banks on youth talent as away of bringing change in the society. https://www.facebook.com/Africa-talent-and-change-foundation-1011081828988436/
Centre for Human Rights and Policy Studies - CHRIPS NGO National / Nairobi The CHRIPS is a leading international African research centre based in Kenya that conducts high quality policy relevant research on human rights, security, terrorism and counter-terrorism, violence, crime and policing. http://www.chrips.or.ke/
Kenya Human Rights Commission - KHRC NGO National / Nairobi The KHRC was founded in 1991 and registered in Kenya in 1994 as a national non-governmental organisation. Throughout its existence, the core agenda of the Commission has been campaigning for the entrenchment of a human rights and democratic culture in Kenya. https://www.khrc.or.ke/
Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya - CIPK FBO National / Nairobi The CIPK is a network that seeks to alleviate marginalization and suffering through initiatives that enhance local capacities and promote community based, people driven solutions to needs and problems. CIPK is endeavored to sustain a strong network of Islamic religious leaders and professionals who will foster processes that address, pursue and safeguard the rights of Muslims and the community at large. http://cipk.blogspot.com/
National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders - NCHRD-K NGO National / Nairobi The NCHRD-K is a national organization incorporated in the Republic of Kenya as a Trust. Its mission is to strengthen the capacity of human rights defenders (HRDs) to work effectively in the country and to reduce their vulnerability to the risk of persecution, including by advocating for a favourable legal and policy environment in Kenya. Established in 2007, NCHRD-K is the only national organisation that works primarily for the protection of HRDs. http://nchrdk.org/
Rift Valley Institute - RVI NGO Nairobi The RVI is an independent, non-profit organization, founded in Sudan in 2001, currently working in seven countries in Eastern and Central Africa. The aim of the Institute is to advance useful knowledge of the region and its diverse communities, bringing a better understanding of local realities to bear on social and political action. RVI works with institutions in the region to develop and implement long-term programmes that combine action-oriented research with education and public information. http://riftvalley.net/
National Council of Churches of Kenya - NCCK FBO National / Nairobi The NCCK is a family of Christian communions and organisations in fellowship and witness. It was established in June 1913 during the United Missionary Conference held at Thogoto, near Nairobi. The delegates in the conference, representing the missionary institutions working in the country at the time, affirmed their wish to work towards a united church that would impact the lives of the people. www.ncck.org
Act Change Transform - Act! NGO National / Nairobi Act! is a leading Kenyan not-for-profit, non-governmental organization involved in diverse development initiatives in Kenya. Act!�s main program focus is in Environment and Natural Resources Management; Democracy and Human Rights and Peace Building and Conflict Transformation. www.act.or.ke
Institute for Security Studies NGO Nairobi The ISS is an African non-profit organisation with offices in South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia and Senegal. Their work covers transnational crimes, migration, maritime security and development, peacekeeping, peacebuilding, crime prevention and criminal justice, and the analysis of conflict and governance. issafrica.org
Muslims for Human Rights - MUHURI FBO Coastal Region / Mombasa MUHURI is a Non-Governmental Organization based at the Coast of Kenya. It began in 1997 to promote the struggle for human rights among marginalized social groups, with a view to contributing towards the national and international struggle to promote and protect the enjoyment of human rights and civil liberties by all. MUHURI primarily works at the Coast of Kenya but also addresses national issues that have a bearing on country as a whole. muhuri.org/
Human Rights Agenda - HURIA NGO Coastal Region / Mombasa HURIA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, non-governmental organization dedicated to champion the struggles for human rights in Kenya. http://huria.ngo/
Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics - CICC FBO Coastal Region / Mombasa CICC is a clerical organization dedicated to using intra- and interfaith dialogue to promote peace, security and development in the republic of Kenya. Its membership is drawn from institutions of Islamic, Christian, Hindu and African traditional faiths. http://cicckenya.org/
Kenya Community Support Center NGO Mombasa KECOSCE was founded in 2006 and has been working in the coastal region of Kenya, it was established to address democratic governance, socio?economic and youth concerns with a focus on the coast of Kenya. The main purpose of KECOSCE is to promote and facilitate institutionalization of the values and practices of good governance at all levels of society as a basis for sustainable social?economic development. http://www.kecosce.org/
Association of Muslim Patron - AMP FBO Kwale AMP is a non-profit, Muslim Benefit Organization committed to advancing Islamic knowledge through proper presentation of its teachings as it pertains to the teachings of the Holly Quran and the way of life of Prophet Muhammad Swalla Allaahu �layhi Wasallam with a view to enhancing the greater realization and equal enjoyment of fundamental rights and freedoms as enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010. https://www.facebook.com/AssociationofMuslimPatrons/
Kenya Union of Madrassahs FBO National / Kwale Kenya Union of Madrassahs is a Charter of the Association of Muslim Patrons; a registered non-governmental organization based in Kwale County, coast region of the Republic of Kenya. Association of Muslim Patrons (AMP) is a not � for-profit, Muslim Benefit Organization committed to advancing Islamic knowledge through proper presentation of its teachings as it pertains to the teachings of the Holly Quran and the way of life of Prophet Muhammad Swalla Allaahu �layhi Wasallam with a view to enhancing the greater realization and equal enjoyment of fundamental rights and freedoms as enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010. www.kum.co.ke
Katiba Institute NGO National/Nairobi Katiba Institute (KI) is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation dedicated to achieving social transformation through the Constitution. KI seeks to build a culture of respect for the rule of law through the promotion and full realization of the 2010 Constitution. Strategies KI utilises to achieve this goal are research, education, strategic litigation and encouraging public participation at all levels of governance. KI is devoted to countering violent extremism (CVE) through partnerships with other organisations to research, document and disseminate information around a human rights based approach to CVE and where appropriate, strategic litigation to address gaps in policy, practice and legislation to strengthen protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms of every individual and citizen impacted by CVE. KI believes that social justice based on the rights and freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution, and the principles of rule of law and non-discrimination, are indispensable in prevention of terrorism. https://katibainstitute.org/